Oil and Mining Industry


If you think rugged phones are typical smartphones encased in hard shells, think again. From reliable construction to advanced materials, these phones are specially designed to cope with different extremes – temperature variations, prolonged exposure to dust and moisture, or the rigours of industrial settings. Their capability to endure the most demanding conditions makes them important across numerous applications, including oil and gas facilities, chemical plants, mining operations, and manufactories. Find out how industry players benefit from these phones’ unique features and outstanding robustness.


1. Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas sector experiences some of the harshest conditions- extreme temperatures, high-pressure environments, and gas leaks. The exploration, extraction, and refining processes are complex, necessitating the highest standards of safety protocols. Even the slightest safety lapse can cause catastrophic consequences, jeopardising workers’ lives and posing severe environmental risks. In this high-stakes setting, hazardous area phones provide reliable communication means, helping experts to convey essential information during emergencies, form team collaboration, and coordinate various operations.


2. Chemical Plants

Chemical plants hold many volatile substances and personnel working in these facilities are often exposed to potential hazards. To implement safety measures timely in response to unforeseen situations, robust communication devices are important tools to have. Spills and leakages are common risks within chemical plants, which can result from equipment failures or human errors. In such scenarios, rugged phones become vital for rapid and effective communication, alerting personnel, executing containment procedures, and coordinating cleanup efforts promptly. In the event of a fire, rugged phones establish immediate communication channels, allowing for timely personnel evacuation and the deployment of firefighting teams. 


3. Mining Operations

Safety is always a top priority in industries operating in environments with high safety risks, such as mining. In the event of accidents like cave-ins or equipment malfunctions, swift communication is necessary for effective coordination of emergency responses. However, the isolated locations of numerous mining sites often complicate situations. Rugged phones offer a solution to this challenge by keeping employees connected. These devices enable seamless logistics management and prompt responses to emergencies, even in the inaccessible areas of mining sites.


4. Manufacturing Facilities

In manufacturing facilities, staff often operate in environments susceptible to dust, moisture, and fluctuating temperatures, which greatly compromise worker safety. Combined with the potential for equipment malfunctions or breakdowns, the significance of efficient communication cannot be overstated. Rugged phones emerge as powerful tools in this context, resisting these environmental challenges for uninterrupted communicative function. Workers can swiftly report issues and initiate emergency responses in case of unexpected events.


Safecom Mobile’s Solutions for Industry Safety

The Smart-Ex® 02M is a safe smartphone with certifications like ATEX and IECEx. With an ambient temperature range of -20 °C  to +60 °C, it’s a reliable companion for professionals operating in mining and chemical industries.


Smart-Ex® 02 Zone 1 : Div 1


As one of the Zone 1 phones that are indispensable in sectors like oil and gas exploration, Smart-Ex® 02 Zone 1/Div 1 boasts a sizable, high-resolution display. On top of robust features, this model comes with an extended temperature range well-suited for the most challenging environments.

The Ex-Handy 10 Zone 2/Div 2 has undergone a series of impact and drop tests to ensure durability and reliability. Categorised as Zone 2 phones, this model is commonly used in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture industries, where the likelihood of encountering explosive gas is lower.

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Explosion proof phones are not just devices. Instead, they are gadgets that contribute to promoting workplace safety and efficiency. You can count on them for a seamless communication experience in even the most hazardous environments. 

Experience the future of industrial smart mobility with Safecom Mobile’s innovative solutions now.


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