Discovering the Powerful Configurations of Durabook Z14I and Durabook S14I


In the ever-evolving business landscape, leveraging the right technology can make a difference. This is especially true when working in challenging environments, where a robust and dependable solution is crucial. That’s when the Durabook Z14I and S14I step in – two formidable contenders in the realm of rugged laptops. Designed to meet the heightened demands of industry clients, these laptops are transformative tools that redefine efficiency, adaptability, and reliability. In this article, we delve into their distinctive features that elevate user experience.


1. Customisation

At the heart of the Durabook Z14I lies a unique aspect: customisation. Acknowledging the requirements of different industries, the Z14I sets itself apart by presenting a wide range of tailored solutions. These encompass extensions, modules, RAM variations, and more, all finely tuned to match diverse operational needs. On top of interfaces and add-on selections such as Thunderbolt™ 4, RJ-45 ports, RS-232 serial ports, ExpressCard 54 or PCMCIA Type II slots, users can also consider the USB alternatives, covering Type-C to Type-A, and USB 3.2 Gen2 to USB 2.0.


Customisation-Durabook Z14I


Unlocking More Customisation Possibilities

Distinguished by its remarkable capacity for customisation, the Z14I introduces a significant enhancement capability through its expansion box. This innovation empowers users to transform the Durabook solution from a workstation to a portable server. The expansion box features two PCIe interface slots for versatile solution builds, a dedicated graphics card, military-grade connectors, and storage security extension with RAID 0/1/5/10 configurations. Designed for seamless field installation, it ensures effortless conversion.


Other Remarkable Options

Tailored for military, aerospace, and embedded computing contexts, the Z14I military-grade connector enclosure is an ideal solution, bolstering resilience in demanding and rugged environments. By efficiently delivering military connectors for diverse applications, the enclosure offers rapid deployment and upholds the highest standards of performance.

The RAID Server comes with an impressive accommodating capacity of up to seven storage drives. Featuring a top-notch storage expansion chassis, the server facilitates the optimal installation of up to four SATA III SSDs within its user-friendly and detachable SSD compartment, ensuring maximum utilisation. This setup supports multiple RAID configurations (RAID 0/1/5/10), all streamlined by its enterprise-class hardware RAID controller. This makes it a prime choice for robust server applications.


2. Certifications

Unlike the Z14I’s focus on extensive customisation, the Durabook S14I banks on its impeccable certifications, boasting an IP53 rating. The rating recognises the model’s capability to handle unpredictable challenges posed by diverse industries, without missing a single beat.


Certifications-Surabook S14I


What is IP?

Defined by the international standard EN 60529 (British Standard BS EN 60529:1992), the Ingress Protection Rating, IP rating (or IP code) classifies the level of protection offered by an enclosure, for electrical equipment with a rated voltage not exceeding 72.5 kV. The interpretation of IP ratings may vary depending on the context and the specific requirements of the device’s usage environment.


Defining IP53 Rating

The first digit “5” indicates the S14I’s resistance to solid particles; the second digit “3” relates to its resistance to liquids. When combined, the IP53 rating suggests that the device has a moderate level of protection against dust and a certain degree of water resistance. However, it is not fully dust-proof or waterproof. 


3. Reasons to Choose Durabook Z14I and S14I

The answer lies in their commitment to delivering what industry users demand the most: adaptability and stability.

The Z14I’s customisable configuration offers adaptability, empowering users to navigate unique challenges of their respective industries.

The certifications of S14I serve as a protective shield for users against potential hazards, providing them with the stability needed to successfully accomplish their daily tasks.

All in all, the Durabook Z14I and S14I are powerful inventions that propel industries forward. Notably, they are engineered to redefine how users approach their job responsibilities.

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