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The potential for accidents and emergencies is heightened in hazardous environments, rendering effective communication necessary. Effective communication enables industrial workers to promptly convey safety-related information, report incidents, and request assistance—essential components in maintaining occupational safety. As a result, equipping industrial workers with the right tools becomes imperative. This includes the integration of ECOM products and Push-to-Talk (PTT) solutions.


PTT Solutions: Revolutionising Communication

PTT solutions have gained popularity in industries where rapid and dependable communication is vital, such as manufacturing, construction, and logistics. Offering the simplicity of traditional walkie-talkies or two-way radios, these solutions maintain their reliability in regions with poor cellular reception, by harnessing multiple networks. They seamlessly facilitate group communication, serving as an excellent choice for collaborative tasks and event coordination. In addition, their integration with smart devices enriches the capabilities, introducing features like GPS tracking, multimedia sharing, and text messaging, alongside voice communication. The inclusion of mobile device management further ensures efficient control and optimises PTT solutions.


ECOM Products: Pioneers in Hazardous Environment Communication

ECOM, a trusted name in explosion proof mobile devices, offers a range of products designed to withstand the rigours of hazardous environments. Apart from ruggedness and durability, these products are also compatible with advanced communication accessories.

1. Enhanced Communication Experience

ECOM products are compatible with additional communication equipment like the Bluetooth Headset (SM1P). In environments characterised by high noise levels, the capacity for clear and effective communication is crucial. The SM1P Bluetooth Headset, purpose-built for these demanding conditions, facilitates high-noise two-way radio communication through the stable transmission of critical information, even in challenging circumstances. It also supports headset-to-headset communication, enabling effortless interaction and collaboration among team members. When coupled with a robust push-to-talk app and the ECOM Smart-Ex 02 DZ1, Smart-Ex 02 DZ2, Ex-Handy 10 DZ1 or Ex-Handy 10 DZ2, the combination forms a comprehensive and hands-free communication solution that meets the unique needs of industrial workers in extreme surroundings.


Image of SM1P Series Zone 1 : Div 1


2. Good Operability, Even with Gloves

In many industrial settings, workers are required to wear protective gloves for safety reasons. These gloves can make operating touch-sensitive or intricate communication devices difficult or impractical. Designed to be large, tactile, and easy to press, even while wearing gloves, the physical PTT button provides convenience for workers to communicate swiftly without the need to remove their gloves. This keeps them protected at all times, hassle-free.

3. Digitalised Solutions for Modern Needs

In the past, PTT solutions primarily relied on traditional radio waves or dedicated frequencies. While effective, these systems often came with restrictions, such as limited range, potential interference, and the need for complex infrastructure. As the world of communication rapidly evolves, ECOM products and PTT solutions have also undergone a significant transformation. Modern PTT solutions now utilise digital networks, including cellular networks, Wi-Fi, or specialised private networks to allow users keep each other connected.

Whether you’re navigating a noisy construction site or managing logistics in a bustling warehouse, ECOM products and Push-to-Talk solutions work in tandem to provide the clarity, reliability, and versatility needed to excel in the demanding industrial landscape. After all, the ultimate goal is to facilitate a seamless and safe communication. 

Safecom Mobile provides cutting-edge computing and communication devices designed to enhance the productivity and efficiency of our clients, even in harsh operating conditions. 

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