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Safety should take top priority in work environments, especially in industries where employees are exposed to hazards and potential explosions. For example, oil and gas exploration, defence, utility, and field services. To ensure maximum personnel safety and swift responses in the event of an emergency, it’s important to maintain stable and uninterrupted communication in these high-risk settings. As the functionality of standard phones and computers may fall short in these environments, industries operating among these risks require more robust and reliable communication solutions. This is where certified intrinsically safe laptops and explosion-proof phones come into play, safeguarding personnel and facilitating seamless correspondence. Let’s take a look at their certification process and how IoT digitalisation enhances their abilities.

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Certification of Explosion-Proof Phones

To ensure the reliability of rugged devices like explosion-proof phones in high-risk areas, they must be certified to meet stringent safety standards. One of the evaluations they typically undergo is the test for sparks and heat generation, which involves subjecting the devices to various simulated hazardous environments to gauge their resistance to potential sources of ignition. For example, an explosion-proof phone may be exposed to high temperatures and electrical discharges to check whether it’ll be suitable for use in areas with high ignition risks.


Explosive-proof phones are also tested for ingress protection (IP) and dust resistance to determine their capability to withstand particulate matter and contaminants. The IP rating system categorises how well electronic devices can keep out solids and liquids. During this test, the enclosure design and sealing mechanisms of explosive-proof phones are assessed to ensure their effectiveness in preventing dust ingress under extreme conditions, keeping internal components in top-notch condition.


In industrial settings, explosive-proof phones may encounter mechanical stresses such as accidental drops and hard surface impacts. Through impact and mechanical resistance testing that replicates similar scenarios, manufacturers can examine the phones’ resilience to such occurrences. These phones are dropped from various heights onto different solid surfaces to ensure their robustness and reliability.


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Integration with IoT Digitalisation

The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) digitalisation has made modern devices more intelligent by allowing the seamless integration of sensors, connectivity, and data analytics, fundamentally transforming our interaction with technology. Recognising its impact, intrinsically safe laptops and explosion-proof phones are designed to unlock even more possibilities for enhanced safety and efficiency in hazardous surroundings. 

Once they’re equipped with IoT capabilities, these rugged devices will enable real-time monitoring, data collection, and communication. For instance, IoT-powered explosion-proof phones can transmit sensor data to central systems, alerting supervisors of anomalies for prompt action. Similarly, IoT sensors on intrinsically safe laptops allow employees to monitor environmental conditions, detecting changes in temperature, humidity, and gas levels in real time. If there are deviations, the laptops can immediately notify relevant teams to initiate corrective measures, such as evacuation or implementing safety protocols to prevent accidents or equipment failures.

Intrinsically safe laptops and explosion-proof phones play a pivotal role in securing employee safety and boosting work productivity in challenging environments. Through rigorous certification processes and integration with IoT, these devices further enhance capabilities for real-time monitoring, communication, and predictive maintenance. 

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