The durabook U11 tablet as a mission-ready solution in the oil and gas industry


In the high-risk environment of the oil and gas industry, where both safety and efficiency are paramount, the necessity for a rugged mobile computing solution is evident. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Yokogawa Corporation of America, with technicians regularly tasked with maintaining field instruments, recognises the need for a mission-ready device with safety certification in explosive atmospheres. This article delves into how Durabook U11I tablets play a pivotal role in field operations.

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Image of Durabook U11I tablet


Challenges in the Oil and Gas Industry

Navigating the oil and gas industry poses unique challenges for technicians, given the hazardous conditions involving combustible or explosive dust, gases, and vapours. In this context, prioritising employee safety is essential. Automation systems and service equipment deployed in these areas must precisely regulate electrical energy to prevent the ignition of hazardous elements. Beyond safety concerns, these challenges also lead to limited or no access to conventional communication networks, compromising real-time communication between operational units. Recognising these shortcomings underscores the critical need for a robust solution.


Durabook U11 Tablet as the Ideal Solution

Yokogawa found its answer in the Durabook U11I fully rugged tablet. Engineered for the most demanding operating environments, this device holds MIL-STD-810H certification, ensuring resilience against environmental factors such as drop, shock, vibration, rain, dust, sand, humidity, and explosive atmospheres. These specifications align seamlessly with the requirements of Yokogawa, reflecting the corporation’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding employees in potentially perilous conditions.


Key Features of Durabook U11I Tablet

1. Shock and Drop Protection

The U11I tablet is designed to withstand drops of up to 6 feet, boasting enhanced durability even under challenging field conditions.

2. Resistance to Explosive Atmospheres

Certified for use in hazardous locations, the tablet meets ANSI 12.12.01 Class 1, Division 2 standards, assuring safety in environments with potentially explosive atmospheres.

3. FieldMate Software Integration

Operated with Yokogawa’s FieldMate software, the U11I tablet serves as a powerful platform for technicians to configure, commission, and troubleshoot field instrumentation in diverse situations. 


Outcomes and Advantages

1. Elevated Service Level

With the Durabook U11I tablet, powered by Yokogawa’s FieldMate software, field service operations have been transformed. Technicians now offer a higher level of service by rapidly programming and calibrating analysers and instruments. 

2. Streamlined Communication Processes

The U11I tablet comes with an array of communication options, allowing field service personnel to facilitate effective communication through various devices. This reduces the need to carry additional tools, on top of streamlining operations and minimising the need for hot work permit requirements. As a whole, all maintenance tasks in the field are completed more efficiently, within shorter timeframes and at lower costs. 


A Beacon of Innovation

As the oil and gas sector continues to evolve, the Durabook U11I tablet stands as a beacon of innovation, promising excellence in field operations. Yokogawa’s case study illustrates how investing in rugged technology can overcome industry challenges and boost field service capabilities.

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