Built to meet the heightened needs of industry clients, Durabook’s unmatched rugged computers have everything you need.
Rugged computers ranging from the R11 and U11I summing up the Tablets and Z14I, S14I and S15AB summing up the Laptop… Fully Rugged and Semi-Rugged available to fit ypur requirements…
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DURABOOK is the core brand by Twinhead International Corporation. In 2000, the company manufactured its first military-grade rugged laptop, followed by the introduction of the DURABOOK brand in 2002. The DURABOOK line quickly expanded to meet the demands of customers in a broad range of markets that require rugged mobile solutions.

Today, rugged Durabook devices have a loyal customer base around the globe, including most branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, public safety agencies, numerous field service organizations, logistics, healthcare, utilities and automotive industries. Found and established in 1984, Twinhead International Corporation, now a public listed Taiwan company. For more than 35 years, Twinhead International Corporation is a major supplier of computing devices with commitment on developing products and solutions for the computer industry.

Innovative driven with great engineering capability, strict production quality control and uncompromising customer-oriented services, Twinhead business covers mobile systems, tactical solutions, peripherals and industrial oriented PCs and displays.

Durabook Specialty


Durabook's rugged computing solutions epitomise robustness, standing strong against the harshest conditions. Built in accordance with military-grade standards, these devices endure drops, vibrations, extreme temperatures, and exposure to dust and water.


Durabook devices are designed with affordability in mind. Despite their advanced features and rugged construction, these laptops and tablets offer a cost-effective solution, providing a substantial return on investment and a low total cost of ownership.


Durabook leads the way in rugged computing innovation. The fully rugged laptops and tablets, and semi-rugged laptops boast cutting-edge features. Notably, Durabook tablets provide optimal viewing even in bright outdoor environments, showcasing their commitment to innovative solutions.

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Rugged Tablets


Rugged Tablets

Purpose --- Built for you

Experience seamless and precise handling of daily tasks with Durabook‘s specialised enterprise tablets. Whether juggling inspections, inventory management, or compliance reporting, Durabook’s rugged tablets deliver unparalleled reliability and functionality, enhancing productivity across industries. Meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of various industries, these rugged tablets seamlessly combine sleek design with robust security, enduring durability, and top-notch performance, ensuring successful task accomplishment.

Rugged Laptops


Rugged Laptops

Made for all Situations

Explore Durabook‘s line of rugged laptops, each delivering unmatched security, enduring durability, and outstanding performance. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with the Windows® operating system, these laptops provide a user-friendly experience akin to your personal devices. Unlike consumer technology adapted for business use, these purpose-built laptops are designed to excel under unique challenges.

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