Zone 1 Phones

Discover SafeCom Mobile’s comprehensive range of Zone 1 Phones, meticulously engineered to deliver reliable communication solutions in hazardous environments. Our lineup includes the Smart-Ex® 03 Zone 1 / Div 1, Smart-Ex® 02 Zone 1 / Div 1, and Ex-Handy 10 Zone 1 / Div 1, each designed to be a companion in offering uninterrupted connectivity and essential functionalities. Whether you’re in mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, or any other sector, our Zone 1 Phones prioritise safety and ensure seamless communication. They are also certified to prevent the generation of sparks or heat that could ignite flammable gases or vapours. With 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth capabilities, they constantly keep you connected in even the most challenging environments. Trust SafeCom Mobile for unparalleled communication solutions that promote both productivity and safety in demanding conditions.

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Cell Phones Built for Hazardous Environments


Our Zone 1 Phones are made to operate safely in explosive atmospheres that may arise intermittently during routine operations.

Seamless Connectivity

These intrinsically safe and explosion-proof devices guarantee seamless connectivity in hazardous areas across different industries, including mining and manufacturing.

Zone 1 Phones FAQs

Zone 1 Phones are specifically designed and certified to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. They incorporate safety measures like robust casings and non-incendive components, using the intrinsic safety method (like circuit modification to obtain a low current/voltage supply), in accordance with EN 60079-11, to prevent any potential sources of ignition.

Yes, Zone 1 phones can be used as daily communication devices in any setting.  While Zone 1 Phones are rugged and durable, they are optimized specially for hazardous environments. 

Not at all. Our Zone 1 Phones are just like any other Android-based Smartphones, designed with user-friendliness in mind. They offer an intuitive interface, touchscreens, and a familiar operating system, the Android platform, making them easy to use for all workers, regardless of their technical background.