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Mobile Device Management (MDM) is about administering a fleet of computing and communication devices. Companies can have the option to go cloud-based or setting it up at dedicated premises. With MDM system, organization can carry out deployment, security, monitoring and integration to infinity computing and communication devices.

Computing and communication device deployment will never be time-consuming anymore because MDM solution has the capability to carry out this process with just a touch. Nevertheless, Mobile Device Management offers another layer of security to every computing and communication devices an organization owned.

With full control on every computing and communication devices, deciding which software applications to be present can be perform to manage essential data securely. This applies for lost and stolen computing and communication devices. Disabling of connectivity is available too (i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G/LTE, NFC) if this is required to protect data being leak out of computing and communication devices.


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Core features of Mobile Device Management:

  • Efficiency on computing and communication device deployments, ensuring the consistency of devices’ configurations, aligning with corporate policies
  • Updating on individual or group of computing and communication devices in a systematic manner
  • Remote control abilities to computing and communication devices in the field Over-The-Air
  • Ensuring computing and communication devices are in good health
  • Computing and communication devices trackabilities
  • Ensuring devices’ security patches are up to date
  • Improves productivity and efficiency during operations

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