Share Live Video and Images

The CUBE 800 can be used to share live video and images during Onsight collaboration sessions or offline to capture and securely store images and recordings onboard. Simply pair the CUBE 800 to an Onsight Connect enabled mobile device such as the Smart-Ex® 02 for remote mentoring.

During a live Onsight session, remote participants can control camera settings including lighting, zoom, and camera modes. Remote control allows for a completely hands-free experience for workers.

The CUBE 800 combines the power of the Onsight collaborative platform with a compact camera for an optimized handsfree remote mentoring experience.

*NEW* Measuring the body heat

The new body-heat mode will enable the CUBE 800 to be used for temperature screenings and noncontact temperature measurements by groups and individuals.

Now it is not only possible to monitor plants, production lines, and critical infrastructures for heat sources, but you can also check people for increased body temperature.

Using the body-heat mode, relative temperature differences within +/- 0.625 °C, or +/-1.125 °F, can be made visible.

Product Features

  • Efficient cooperation with mobile devices such as the Smart-Ex® 02
  • Dual camera system with HD optics and thermal imaging technology
  • Remote collaboration with experts via Onsight Connect possible
  • Integrated laser pointer and light ring
  • Multi Use Design: Mount to a helmet or headband for hands-free, attach a monopod, or use handheld for hard to reach areas
  • Record video and store pictures in a central knowledge base